As we mark Volume 24 of the E3W Review of Books, we find ourselves grappling with what it means to have a vision of the world at all: how do we see ourselves? One another? Which technologies and metaphors of vision have purchase in our lives? How do communities build a vision of the world we want?  As we consider how we might characterize both the vision of the world that we see today and the futures that we hope to build together, we are again struck by how community, particularly those bonds across difference, sustains us. These close bonds inspired us, the E3W Collective, to bring the Sequels Symposium and the E3W Review of Books into closer thematic unity this year. Under the shared title of Seeing and Being Seen: Visibility, Difference, and (Self–)Disclosure, it is our hope that the 2024 Sequels Symposium and E3W Review of Books have helped all of us join in on generative conversations about the futures we seek to realize together. As we near a quarter-century of the E3W Review of Books, we are inspired by the constellations of E3W Collective members around the world, many of whom continue to offer their generous and enthusiastic mentorship. With these networks of support in mind, we are thrilled that this year’s shared theme also celebrates the work of our Sequels Symposium keynote speakersDr. Naminata Diabate (PhD Comparative Literature 2011) and Dr. Colleen Eils (PhD English 2015).

Table of Contents (pages correspond with print version)

Editorial Board

Editorial Introduction: “What We See: Community, Struggles, and Futures” 

Edited by KEERTI ARORA, KEVIN GIBBS, and HANNAH HOPKINS                             7

What Remains: Imperial Remnants and Imperial Methods

Edited by IANA W. ROBITAILLE                               12
KERRI KILMERChristian Imperial Feminism: White Protestant Women and the Consecration of Empire by Gale L. Kenny 13
MINH HUYNH VUIntoxicated: Race, Disability, and Chemical Intimacy Across Empire by Mel Y. Chen 16
HALEY EAZOR Book of the Disappeared: The Quest for Transnational Justice, edited by Jennifer Heath and Ashraf Zahedi 18
IANA W. ROBITAILLERemaindered Life by Neferti X. M. Tadiar  20
KEERTI ARORA Trauma Mantras by Adrie Kusserow  22

Art, Performance, and Literature

Edited by ALLISON PUJOL                                24
MICHAEL VACLAV  Latinx Shakespeares: Staging U.S. Intracultural Theater, by Carla Della Gatta 25
I. B. HOPKINSOriental, Black, and White: The Formation of Racial Habits in American Theater by Josephine Lee 27
HOLLY GENOVESEBlack Country Music: Listening for Revolutions by Francesca Royster29
ERIN WHEELER STREUSANDUnbelonging: Inauthentic Sounds in Mexican and Latinx Aesthetics by Iván A. Ramos 31
MORGAN PRINCELatino TV: A History by Mary Beltrán 33

Envisioning Liberatory Futures: Technology, Infrastructure, and Archives

KIMBERLYN R. HARRISONFeminist AI: Critical Perspectives on Data, Algorithms, and Intelligent Machines, edited by Jude Browne, Stephen Cave,Eleanor Drage, and Kerry McInerney 36
JENNA REYNOLDSThe Political Body: Stories on Art, Feminism, and Emancipation in Latin America by Andrea Giunta  38
ALI GUNNELLSMigrant Feelings, Migrant Knowledge: Building a Community Archive, edited by Robert McKee Irwin 41

Bodies That Matter Now, Yesterday, and Tomorrow: Health, Disability, and Biopolitics                                                

SHANNON POTTERRadical Health: Unwellness, Care, and Latinx Expressive Culture by Julie Avril Minich 44
PAIGE WELSHHaunting Biology: Science and Indigeneity in Australia by Emma Kowal 47
GIULIA A. OPREA The Cyborg Caribbean: Techno-Dominance in Twenty-First-Century Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican Science Fiction by Samuel Ginsburg 49
DEBARATI ROYFalling, Floating, Flickering: Disability and Differential Movement in African Diasporic Performance by Hershini Bhana Young 51

Feeling Seen and Felt Seeing: Gender, Sexuality, and Affective Potentials

Edited by SAM TURNER 54
NATHALIA P. HERNÁNDEZ OCHOAThe Force of Witness: Contra Feminicide by Rosa-Linda Fregoso 55
COURTNEY WELUSupervision: On Motherhood and Surveillance, edited by Sophie Hamacher with Jessica Hankey 57
ANA EQUIHUA RAMIREZMainstreaming Gays: Critical Convergences of Queer Media, Fan Cultures, and Commercial Television by Eve Ng 59
SPENCER WILLIAMS  Gay Poems for Red States by Willie Edward Taylor Carver Jr. 61
WESTON LEO RICHEYOn the Inconvenience of Other People by Lauren Berlant62

Black Spatial (Re)Imaginings: On Organizing, Affect, and Listening

JADE EVANSThe Black Geographic: Praxis, Resistance, and Futurity, edited by Camilla Hawthorne and Jovan Scott Lewis 66
LAURA ROSE BRYLOWSKIBlack Feminist Constellations: Dialogue and Translation across the Americas, edited by Christen A. Smith and Lorraine Leu 69
MIRANDA ALLEN Feelin: Creative Practice, Pleasure, and Black Feminist Thoughtby Bettina Judd72
ETYELLE PINHEIRO DE ARAUJOAfter Black Lives Matter: Policing and Anti-Capitalist Struggle by Cedric Johnson 74

Transcending Boundaries: Indigeneity in Theory and Practice

Edited by I. B. HOPKINS & JACK MURPHY   77
ALI EREN YANIKBad Indians: A Tribal Memoir (10th Anniversary Edition) by Deborah A. Miranda   78
 CINDY-LOU HOLLANDDancing Indigenous Worlds: Choreographies of Relation by Jacqueline Shea Murphy   80
NINA GARYTrue Detective: Night Country, Issa López, Showrunner    82
JO HURTDecolonial Conversations in Posthuman and New Material Rhetorics, edited by Jennifer Clary-Lemon and David M. Grant    84