E3W (Ethnic and Third World Literatures) is a graduate collective and interest group housed in the Department of English at The University of Texas at Austin. Founded in 1986 by professors Ben Lindfors, Wahneema Lubiano, Ramon Saldívar, and the late Barbara Harlow, the group’s initial emphasis was to study the literature of decolonized nations alongside the literature of ethnic minorities in the United States. Building on this foundation, the group has continued to serve as an interdisciplinary consortium of graduate student and faculty scholars across the fields of critical race and ethnic studies; women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; Native and Indigenous studies; and Black and African diaspora studies, among others. In addition to these intellectual concerns, E3W seeks to provide a community of support and solidarity within which UT graduate students can share experiences of research, teaching, and other university labor.

The E3W Review of Books is published annually. It offers offers opportunities for graduate students and faculty in departments across UT to write and edit reviews of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction books published in the last three years in the fields of ethnic, third world, and postcolonial literatures and cultures. The Review also publishes interviews, archival reviews, and reviews of foundational texts on relevant topics. Here are our recent issues!

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