This year’s theme for the 22nd volume of the Ethnic and Third World Literatures Review of Books, “Iterative Intimacies: Refusing Legacies of the Changing Same,” is an invitation to engage with emerging scholarship that reshapes how we conceive of intimacy. Taking our cues from the work of Lisa Lowe, we ask reviewers to consider how “what we might identify as residual within the histories of settler or colonial capitalism does not disappear. To the contrary, it persists and endures, even if less legible within the obfuscations of a new dominant.’” In the wake of a pandemic that blurred the lines between the public and the private, as intimate spaces became sites of labor and surveillance, investigations into the ways structures regularly come to bear on the quotidian are increasingly relevant. We ask reviewers and readers to discard the borders that circumscribe polity and personal into distinct spheres and instead, challenge the disciplinarity that mirrors the ways we as colonized subjects are consistently, thoroughly, and intimately disciplined. Potential reviewers are encouraged to read this year’s texts as transdisciplinary commentaries on the nuanced, iterative, and intimate nature of past, present, and future social phenomena, from chattel slavery to popular culture to prison abolition.

Table of Contents (pages correspond with print version)

Editorial Board

Editorial Introduction

“Iterative Intimacies: Refusing Legacies of the Changing Same”


Black Women’s Studies: Intimate Processes of Care and Critique

Edited by KEERTI ARORA                 11

Intimate Subversions: Gender, Sexuality, and Queerness

Edited by SARAH FRANCES SUMMERS                 28
MOLLY ROYInsurgent Aesthetics: Security and the Queer Life of the Forever War by Ronak K. Kapadia30
DEBJYOTI GHOSHKwaito Bodies: Remastering Space and Subjectivity in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Xavier Livermon32
ISABEL IBÁÑEZ DE LA CALLEHow We Fight for Our Lives: A Memoir by Saeed Jones34
DEBJYOTI GHOSHQueer in Translation: Sexual Politics under Neoliberal Islam by Evren Savci35
SARAH SCHUSTERBeside You in Time: Sense Methods and Queer Sociabilities in the American Nineteenth Century by Elizabeth Freeman37

Visceral Visuality: Media Studies As A Practice of Revolt

HALEY EAZOR    Becoming Palestine: Toward an Archival Imagination of the Future by Gil Z. Hochberg40
NEVILLE HOADOpposing Apartheid on Stage: King Kong the Musical by Tyler Fleming
DA YE KIMMedia Crossroads: Intersections of Space and Identity in Screen Cultures edited by Paula J. Massood, Angel Daniel Matos, and Pamela Robertson Wojcik
I.B. HOPKINS Reconstructing the Landscapes of Slavery: A Visual History of the Plantation in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World edited by Dale W. Tomich, Rafael de Bivar Marquese, Reinaldo Funes Monzote, and Carlos Venegas Fornias46
JACKIE PEDOTAAesthetics of Excess: The Art of Politics of Black and Latina Embodiment by Jillian Hernandez48
HANAH HOPKINSAssembly Codes: The Logistics of Media edited by Matthew Hockenberry, Nicole Starosielski, and Susan Zieger50
MICHAEL CORDOVAHow To Go Mad Without Losing Your Mind: Madness and Black Radical Creativity by La Marr Jurelle Bruce53

Literary Studies: The Fleshly Politics of Life, Land, and Literature 

EMMANUELLA AMOH At Penpoint: African Literatures, Postcolonial Studies, and the Cold War by Monica Popescu56
HOLLY GENOVESEBehold the Land: The Black Arts Movement in the South by James Smethurst58
EMMA HETRICKThe Lost Books of Jane Austen by Janine Barchas59
JOHN JAIRO VALENCIASpatial and Discursive Violence in the US Southwest by Rosaura Sánchez and Beatrice Pita61
DAISY GUZMÁN Black Aliveness, or A Poetics of Being by Kevin Quashie63

Another Future Is Possible: Justice, Carcerality, and Abolition

Edited by JADEN M.B. JANAK65
EDWARD REYESProgressive DystopiaAbolition, AntiBlackness, and Schooling in San Francisco by Savannah Shange67
SHANNON WOODSPolicing Protest: The Post-Democratic State and the Figure of Black Insurrection by Paul A. Passavant69
JOSHUA L. CRITCHFIELD Until I Am Free: Fannie Lou Hamer’s Enduring Message to America by Keisha N. Blain72
IBRAHIM BAHATIThe Long Emancipation: Moving Toward Black Freedom by Rinaldo Walcott74
DEBJYOTI GHOSHBlack Market: The Slave’s Value in National Culture after 1865 by Aaron Carico 76

Enmeshed Exploitations: Work, Colonialism, and Death

AMBER TAYLORWages Against Artwork by Leigh Claire La Berge80
HÉLÈNE ESTÈVESWhen More Is Not Better: Overcoming America’s Obsession with Economic Efficiency by Roger L. Martin 82
Dying for an iPhone: Apple, Foxconn, and the Lives of China’s Workers by Jenny Chan, Mark Selden, and Pun Ngai84
TERESA MARTÍNEZ CHAVEZMaking the Revolution: Histories of the Latin American Left edited by Kevin A. Young86
OSCAR G. CHAIDEZLived Religion in Latin America: An Enchanted Modernity by Gustavo Morello, S.J.88
J.A. STRUBGlobal Epidemics, Local Implications: African Immigrants and the Ebola Crisis in Dallas by Kevin J.A. Thomas90

The Revolution Will Not Be Colorblind: Blackness, Indigeneity, and Struggles for Freedom

LINDSEY HOLMESStuart Hall: Selected Writings on Race and Difference edited by Paul Gilroy and Ruth Wilson Gilmore94
RICARDO DELGADO SOLISThis Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color – Fortieth Anniversary Edition by Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa96
SILVANA SCOTTWe Are Owed. by Ariana Brown 98
LINDSEY HOLMESBlack Food Geographies: Race, Self-Reliance, and Food Access in Washington, D.C. by Ashanté M. Reese99
SILVANA SCOTTBelly of The Beast: The Politics of Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness   by Da’Shaun L. Harrison102